Framing Cross Stitch Crafts: 3 Framing Material Selections You Should Avoid

Cross stitch projects can take hundreds of hours to complete. In fact, it takes most stitchers approximately 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours to complete each 10 X 10 square. As you can imagine, it can take a great deal of time to tackle larger projects. It can even take years in some cases.

If you've spent the last several months or years creating a piece that you are absolutely in love with, the best way to preserve and display your piece is to have it professionally framed. However, there are several mistakes that some stitchers make during the frame selection process that can actually detract from their piece. Following are three things you should avoid when selecting your framing materials. 

Ornate Frame

Ornate frames are beautiful, but they are almost works of art themselves. If you want people to notice the stitching and tiny details of your piece, you should avoid selecting a frame that steals the show. To keep your piece center stage, select an attractive but plain frame that does not compete with your piece. Frames with clean lines and little to no texture or detail often work best. Colored frames are OK as long as they compliment or enhance the colors of your piece. 

Reflective Glass

Many stitchers prefer to frame their pieces without glass because reflective glass can detract from the texture and detail of the piece. However, there are situations where glass is preferred or even necessary. If you must use glass, be sure to choose non-reflective glass so you can display your piece anywhere in your home without worrying about glares. Also, make sure that your piece will not be crushed up against the glass when it is framed. Ask your framer about using spacers or a mat to keep the glass away from your piece. If your piece is beaded, you may have to select a deep frame to accomplish this.

Overwhelming Mat

When it comes to choosing the mat for your piece, be sure to choose one that enhances your piece. Avoid mats that are too thick or large because they may overwhelm your piece. Brightly colored mats may also detract from the beauty of your piece by drawing the eye outward. 

If you're having difficulty selecting the framing materials for your piece, talk to your framer. Your framer has probably worked with plenty of cross stitch projects before and may have several great ideas regarding the best materials for your piece.  

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