Customizing a Small Bedroom Closet without Tearing Down Walls

Many people have small closets and would like to be able to do more with them. Unfortunately, many people also lack the space for expansion, or they rent their home or apartment and lack the permission. If you want a custom closet but can't tear down walls, there are still several options available to you.

Defining Your Closet Needs

Why do you want a custom closet in the bedroom? Knowing your reasons can help you come up with a solution for your smaller closet. Pick one or several of these features to focus on:

  • Utility
  • Space
  • Organization
  • Aesthetics

The truth is that you can work on any of these things without the need for a full renovation. Some things you can do yourself, and some things may require a contractor, but none require a tear down.

 For example, if you like to grab an outfit and go, you may do well with a reach-in closet. Of course, to go all in on such a thing, you would have to remove the closet door and maybe some of the surrounding wall to expose the whole interior of the closet. However, you can still achieve a version of this with a proper placement of shelving and bins as you work on organization.

Adding Space and Organization

There are ways to free up space in even the tiniest of closets. At a very basic level, decluttering will do the job for you if you don't own a lot of stuff. You can add additional space by making use of your closet's dimensions.

Organization goes hand-in-hand with space. You'll find that in your endeavors to free up space, you will automatically see ways to organize your closet more efficiently. If you want to add space and stay organized, try a few of these ideas.

  • Designate sections of the closet to specific items, like shoes.
  • Use pull-out storage drawers and bins.
  • Use coordinated hangers or hanger products that hold multiple garments.
  • Use shelf dividers to create compartments.
  • Make use of vertical space.

Adding shelves or bins to take advantage of the floor space will allow you to put more things into the closet. Utilizing the space above the hanger line can help you as well. You can shelve that space or turn it into a series of compartments.

Improving the Aesthetic of a Smaller Closet

By adding space and organization to a smaller closet, you will automatically make it look better. Aesthetics are important if you have an open closet or a reach-in without a door or sliding screen. There's also something psychologically pleasing about looking into your closet and seeing clean organization.

These are just a few closet design ideas to start you off. If you want to do even more, then speak with a professional about custom bedroom closets. Interior design isn't all about construction work. A professional may be able to help you achieve a custom bedroom closet without needing to break through any walls.

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