3 Reasons to Consider Formica Countertops

Picking out a new countertop can often be a bit difficult for many people, especially when you consider just how many options are available. In addition, the situation gets more difficult when you realize that all of the various types of countertops offer their own unique sets of benefits. Listed below are three reasons to consider formica countertops.

Very Easy to Maintain

One of the biggest problems with many types of countertops is that they can be very difficult to maintain. For example, you have to be very careful with granite countertops, as they can be very easy to stain, while marble can be scratched very easily. As a result, you can very easily spend a lot of time and money repairing damage to those countertops and stressing out over what you should and should not do to keep them in good shape.

However, Formica countertops can help you avoid these problems, as the maintenance is very minimal. In most cases, you can deal with spills and stains by simply cleaning the countertop with a warm, soapy washcloth. In the event that you end up with streaks on your countertop, as is quite common with formica, you can easily clear those up with a simple household glass cleaner.

Much Less Expensive Than the Alternatives

Another reason to consider formica countertops is that they are much less expensive than their counterparts. In many cases, granite or marble countertops can easily end up running you several thousand dollars. However, a formica countertop will typically only cost you a fraction of that, and that is ideal if you are needing to remodel your kitchen on a budget or would rather channel that money into other areas of the kitchen, such as appliances or flooring.

Extremely Versatile

Finally, formica is a good choice for your countertops because it is extremely versatile. Modern formica countertops are available in a wide range of styles and designs that will allow you to find one that can easily fit in with just about any kitchen design.

For example, you can purchase formica countertops that will mimic the appearance of more expensive countertop materials, such as wood, marble, or granite, but do so in a way that does not come along with vulnerabilities of those materials. In addition, formica is very easy to shape and cut, and that means that you can get a bit creative with the actual shape of the countertop as well.

Contact a contractor today in order to discuss the many reasons to consider formica countertops over the various alternatives. Formica countertops are very easy to maintain, less expensive than the competition, and extremely versatile.

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