Give Your Room a Quick Makeover with Some Unexpected Window Coverings

If you want to transform a room in a hurry, consider changing up your window treatments and coverings with something new and unexpected. This task will inevitably alter the natural light in your room, which can make a space seem larger and more rejuvenating. Try doing something new with a room or area of your home this weekend—or tonight!

Some unexpected and unconventional window treatments include:

A unique cornice. Create a unique cornice by mounting a focal point above the upper sash of your window. Try hanging an antique toy, boat oar, old door, or other item above the sash to serve as a cornice that complements the theme of your room. An old tricycle, for example, can be hung above a window with sheer panels for a perfect look in a nursery.

Opaque panels. If you currently use curtains or valances in your room, change them to long flowing panels that are long enough to puddle on the floor beneath the window. Choose a light-colored panel to create an energizing atmosphere or darker-colored panels for a more intimate mood in your space.

Vinyl clings. Get rid of blinds, curtains, and drapes and give your window a good wash. Next, use vinyl clings, which are found at most home-improvement stores, and carefully cut the vinyl to fit your window pane. These can lighten and brighten a room while also obscuring the space from peering eyes or nosy neighbors.

Recycled shutters. Check out home-improvement stores or salvage shops for recycled shutters. These can make unique interior window coverings. These can be mounted to the existing window frame—depending on the size—using simple brass or stainless-steel hinges. Imagine opening up your shutters to let the sunshine in each morning—magnificent!

Unwanted jewelry. Use broken or discarded jewelry on your current drapes or panels for a fun and unexpected embellishment. Glue or secure the jewelry, watch, or button to your fabric so that it gives the covering an elegant accent that will make the space seem a bit more sophisticated.

Sarongs and scarves. Create a swag using your unwanted sarongs or scarves; simply drape and twist the fabric around a conventional curtain rod, arranging the fabric to fall however you like. Table runners or old tablecloths also make great swags too. Look for styles that have embellished corners or trim for more visual interest when hanging on your window.

Keep an eye out for unique items, linens, and fixtures to change the looks of a room in your home. Consider salvaging unwanted jewelry, fabric, and even apparel to turn into unexpected window coverings. Try one of these suggestions to quickly transform your space!

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